Kids Training Courses - Registration Open for August - Dec. 2020

Kids and Youth Training Courses for Kids from Age 4 - 18 years old

Our Kids Training Courses (KTC) courses are specially designed for children ages 4-18. The program is available for sessions in August and it includes coaching and training, as well as a complete instruction of the fundamentals of climbing and safety. Registration is open now for the summer term, August 4 - 30th. Rental harnesses and shoes are not included and must be rented at an additional cost. Harnesses are mandatory while indoor shoes can be worn instead of our rental shoes.

We are offering two great ways to register for our courses, there are now 2 ways to register!

1) A timeslot can be booked for a child for weekly sessions (e.g. 4:30pm every week, once a week). You can also book more than one of these 4 session offerings if you want to come in more than one time a week.

2) Non-week-consecutive daily classes are available. Parents/guardians must choose what week and timeslot in August - Dec. your child will participate in, in order to better suit your schedule! A minimum of 4 classes must be booked in order to enroll. A maximum of 13 classes is possible. 

A minimum of 4 classes is required to register. To book your spots give us a quick call 416-406-5900 or 416-757-4208.

KTC courses are available Monday - Friday and Sundays

12noon - 2pm

2:15 - 4:15pm

4:30pm - 6:30pm

Space is limited (10 kids per session), call us to book your spots at 416-406-5900.

Reserve your weekly sessions HERE.


If this is the first time your child is climbing at our gym, please visit our website and fill out a waiver before coming into the gym to climb! We’re very excited to see you, but before you come in, please make sure to read the following details regarding our new protocol:


·         Prior to arrival, ensure to read all required code of conduct documents found HERE


·         If you are feeling sick or are experiencing any symptoms, do NOT come in to climb. Please stay home and quarantine accordingly. 


·         Masks are MANDATORY for patrons and staff. You can bring your own or purchase at the front desk. 


·         Come prepared to climb. This includes being already changed and bringing a full water bottle.


·         You MUST check-in upon arrival and check out on exit. This is MANDATORY to enable us to create a contact tracing report which will provide us with who was at the facility at the same time in case of a positive testing.


·         We will have limited occupancy and limits on how many people can be in one area.


·         Physical distancing is required within the facility, including climbers not on any adjacent climbs as you.


·         No eating and social activities are allowed in the gym.


·         Liquid chalk is strongly encouraged and available for sale at the TCA. 

Here are the different levels, and for more information email the co-ordinator and designer Chris Mack (

1. Cubs

While introducing our amazing sport of rock climbing, our coaches will handle all the safety and patiently teach young climbers the fundamentals.  Students will learn how to put on their harness correctly, tie a figure-eight knot and of course what is a climbing course without lots of climbing!

Students leave this course with a greater understanding of climbing, confident, and are ready to take on more challenges in life and on the rocks.

This course is designed for the climber in every child. If your child loves to climb the walls, trees, and anything that has a little altitude, bring them in and give them the chance to find their inner climber.

2. Bears

Throughout the bear course, the instructor will focus on specific climbing movement and flexibility. To help in the strategic use of body positioning, build strength and endurance, and practice safe falling techniques; the students will be introduced to bouldering in our caves and traversing walls. This is low elevation climbing without a rope (don’t worry Mom and Dad, it’s safe and climbing is never to high off the ground). Students will leave this course with more self-confidence and the skills that will take them forward to the next level in their climbing career.

The younger children start in our Cubs program, then proceed to Bears and upon completion of the Bear-test, they continue to Rock Safety Courses Level 3-10. Our coaches will guide kids up and down the climbs and also introduce the Autobelays...they are so much fun and all kids love them.  We have many new surprises and we create new challenges each week as we set up 6-8 new climbs every week. 

Level 3 - 10

Students are given lessons in climbing safety and Autobelays. Kids will have the opportunity to learn climbing games and climb many different terrains, be exposed to overhangs, stalactites, and many activities related to the development of strength and flexibility.

There is a certification and promotion to the next level of the Rock Safety Program. Students leave this course with a greater understanding of the practices and techniques in the sport of climbing.

During Level 3 and 4, the instructor will introduce belaying techniques (safely operating the rope and belay device). Students will learn such technical climbing movements as pivoting, drop knee, back-step, flag, and heel hook. Students will learn how to improve their movement by using their legs. The instructor will introduce the concepts of balance, body awareness, base, and support, as well as turning/shifting weight. Students who have learned the basic safety skills will have the opportunity to pass the Youth Certification Test. Graduates of this level gain the privilege of climbing at the Toronto Climbing Academy without adult supervision.

At the elite levels (7-10), climbers will be encouraged to further develop in the sport of rock climbing through mental preparation, flexibility, finger strength, and more. Kids will learn simulated outdoor climbing through lead climbing. This program’s focus is on making rock climbers. Upon completing these levels kids will have the ability to climb outdoors. There is a Climbing Certification and upon its completion kids will be automatically entered into the "Youth Climbing Team".


10 Great Reasons to go Climbing:

- It is an awesome experience, it's fun and rewarding, and such a thrill when you reach the top of the wall

- Leadership and team-oriented

- Full body workout

- Goal setting and attainment

- Improves self-confidence

- Helps kids conquer new heights

- Professional, friendly and patient instructors

- Safe, state-of-art climbing centre with overhangs, a chimney, and much more

- over 110 different climbs to choose from


Extensions and individual classes are also available.

If these times are not suitable, we are able to schedule your group (min. of 3 climbers) on another Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 5 - 7 pm.

Private and semi-private instruction is also available with a ratio of 3:1

Price ListMembersNon-members
Private $60/hr. $80
Semi-private $45/hr. $60

Please keep in mind that the design of these programs is based on age, climbing ability, enthusiasm, will power, and the desire to climb. Some combinations and restrictions may apply, please contact us for more information.

Every participant or their guardian must sign the TCA standard waiver form (available on our website)

For more information and reservations please contact us

On Line Waiver Form

Pricing chart