Corporate Teambuilding Events - Book your event TODAY!

Why take your co-workers climbing? Because it's a fun, challenging, and exciting team-building experience!


       ● Indoor climbing involves problem-solving and anaerobic exercise.
       ● Climbing lends itself naturally to team building. Partners must depend upon one another's cooperation and trust.
       ● It builds self-esteem and confidence.
       ● It puts men and women on equal footing.


The Corporate program includes debriefing, safety lesson, and team-building initiative challenges, including a selection of the following:


       ● blind-folded climbing
       ● speed climbing
       ● team tag
       ● follow-the-leader
       ● traversing courses
       ● challenge climbing


They enhance and change the way individuals view themselves, their co-workers, and the team as a whole. 

And our 10 Autobelays create so much fun and excitement for everyone of every level.

A climbing team-building activity can be customized to fit your needs. Our facility can host an event for group as small as 6 or as large as 100 people.

Participants should wear loose-fitting clothing such as sweat-pants and T-shirts, and bring dry running shoes to change into.


Corporate Packages, Pricing, and business memberships for minimum 6 people 


Great adventure for:

  1. Team building
  2. Stag/Staggette
  3. Adult Birthday Parties
  4. Family Gatherings
  5. Business Meetings
  6. Fitness outings
  7. Corporate memberships and multiple trip discounts are also available


               Package 1 for $35            - Just climbing, while a TCA coach does all the safety

                                                            - Includes harness

                                                            - Total of 1:45 hours of climbing


               Package 2 for $40            - BL + shoes + Harness

                                                            - Total of 1:45 hours


               Package 3 for $45            - BL + shoes + Harness                                  

                                                            - Total of 2:45 hours


               Package 4 for $55            - BL + shoes + Harness

                                                            - Total of 2:45 hours

                                                            - Team building activities


If this is the first time for you or your child climbing at our gym, please visit our website and fill out a waiver before coming into the gym to climb! We’re very excited to see you, but before you come in, please make sure to read the following details regarding our new protocol:

·         Prior to arrival, ensure to read all required code of conduct documents found HERE

·         If you are feeling sick or are experiencing any symptoms, do NOT come in to climb. Please stay home and quarantine accordingly. 

·         Masks are Optional for patrons and staff.

·         Come prepared to climb. This includes being already changed and bringing a full water bottle.

·         You MUST check-in upon arrival with a completed waiver form.

·         We will have limited occupancy and limits on how many people can be in one area.

·         Physical distancing is required within the facility, including climbers not on any adjacent climbs as you.

·         Liquid chalk is strongly encouraged and available for sale at the TCA. 

Pricing chart