December - Promotions and Specials

Promotions available until Dec. 31, 2019

Ultimate Yearly Membership Package

($450/kids, $600/students and $650/adults - Tax included)


+ Bonus Promo (Extra 1 Daypasses added - value of $25) 


+  Add Members Value Perks for only $100 (over $650 in Value)



For more information and for a full list of perks drop by the desk or give us a quick phone call


Purchase a new Year pass in Dec, or you can also UPGRADE from your current pass into an Year pass (your old pass will be simply prorated and back dated, see our desk for more details)


New Promotions:


All lockers small and big $40/year


Beginner Lesson specials

50 Bl + 1 week pass climb and rentals

70 Bl + 2 week pass and rentals


(Starts on the day of lesson)


Drop by the Front Desk and we will be happy to assist you or give us a quick call.  We also have gift certificates for every occasion and every budget.

Great Gift Ideas



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