New drop-in program only $5


Drop-in Climb - Give Climbing a quick try

We know you gonna love it.  Want to get a couple of turns to test drive our fun walls?

Only $5/climb for Kids and $10/adults

(Harness rental is also available for $7 if you don't have one)


Are you ready to for an adventure...we have a new drop-in program starting at $5/climb and if you don't have your own harness you can rent a harness for just $7.  With over 110 different climbs there are plenty of different ones to choose from. Just bring the kids over to the TCA and our instructors will take care of all the safety while coaching them up the climb. And parents/adults can join in the fun too for just $10/climb (plus harness rental of $7 if you don't have one).  We are super excited to get you back on the fitness wagon and help you shred some of the festive pounds.  This program is designed to try out climbing and go for a couple of climbs.  And you can also upgrade to a daypass or a lesson to learn the safety.  Do you want to climb even more... try a Family lessons, private classes, and our fun kids progams will keep the kids away from screens while staying active.


Please note this is a limited time offer, there is no reservations, and it’s on a first-come-first-serve basis. Join us at the TCA and go for a couple of climbs.

See you soon


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