What’s The Waiver About?

What’s The Waiver About?

All climbing gyms and many other sporting activities, require all visitors to complete a signed waiver of liability before entering the climbing area. This applies to all who wish to step onto the padded floor, whether or not they will be climbing. For those under 18, the waiver form must be signed and initialed by their parent or legal guardian. There can be no exceptions to this requirement.

The waiver serves two purposes:

  • make each participant aware of the potential risks in the facility
  • have each participant accept responsibility for those risks

There is some serious legal language in the waiver form, and on the advice of our lawyer, our staff are not permitted to interpret or explain the form. We hope this part of the process is not too intimidating. We do everything we can think of to make the experience as safe as possible, but we cannot completely eliminate the risk of injury. You can read more about the ways we work to keep the gym as safe as possible; in menu item under About TCA > What is climbing.

Parents, teachers and other leaders who are organizing a group event for children need to pay close attention to ensure that every child arrives with a properly completed form signed by their parent or legal guardian. A teacher or another child’s parent cannot sign their form.

Please help us make sure that no child arrives without this necessary form, as we cannot allow anyone to participate without it.

If you have any trouble with the waiver process, please let us know!