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The Toronto Climbing Academy would like to invite you for another great rock climbing excursion.  We have a fantastic facility with over 110 different climbs and 10 Autobelays, glass facade and free parking; easily accessible by TTC (10 minutes from Woodbine Station).  This is a great idea for your leadership class, unique experience and a great opportunity.  Registration is open and we are now booking for the Winter and Spring term, simply give the TCA a quick call (416-406-5900 or 416-757-4208) to reserve your date.  

 Please Note:  The TCA is approved by all school boards and we have a separate consent form for parents to sign for their children.  To receive your school package and consent form please email co-ordinator and proprietor Chris Mack (

Here is the program guide and details.

 Experience Higher Learning

Bringing students to the Toronto Climbing Academy gives them an opportunity to learn valuable skills in an exciting, challenging environment. The exhilaration of reaching the top of the wall boosts self-confidence, and leaves participants with a rewarding sense of achievement.

 Student Climbing Program

The Toronto Climbing Academy teaches students basic indoor climbing techniques with an emphasis on safety and responsibility. They are free to climb the wide variety of beginner routes within our 16,000square foot facility and our 10 Autobelays create so much fun and excitement with 22 different climbs ready to be conquered.  The TCA has over 110 different climbs with spectacular terrains including; the chimney, slabs and overhangs, as well as featured walls simulating the outdoors with Pyramid walls from France. Student participants are supervised and encouraged by our experienced climbing instructors.


Toronto Climbing Academy instructors are qualified and meet Ontario Physical Education safety Guidelines. Our qualified instructors are specifically chosen for their outstanding technical climbing expertise, and for their commitment to making learning to climb a fun and rewarding team building experience.

 Sasha Akalski, the head instructor and program designer, is an experienced professional rock climbing coach with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education.  He has been a National coach and is a former Canadian representative for the International Sport Climbing Federation.

 Fee and Consent Form

The cost is $25 per student, which includes instruction, harness rental and 2-3 hours of climbing during the day. School groups can be from 12 to 80 climbers and as young as 5 years old. You can book with a $100 deposit, and the final numbers with the remainder balance are due one week prior to event date.   This assures us enough time to organize the instructors.  Every climber needs to have their parents read and sign the TCA consent form (let me know if you want me to email it to you)!

 NEW! SAFE! EXCITING!                 Portable Wall

Our portable wall is an unique addition to fit your needs without leaving the school.

Rent it for the school day, parties or special events. (See our website for more details)

 10 Great Reasons To Go Climbing:
- It is a fun and rewarding experience like no other
- Leadership and team oriented
- Full body workout
- Goal setting and attainment
- Emphasizes communication skills
- Improves self-confidence
- Helps students conquer new heights
- Professional, friendly and patient instructors
- Safe, state-of-art climbing center with overhangs, a chimney, and much more
- 110 different climbing terrains

Group Price:       $25 per climber for 12 or more kids

$30 per climber for groups with 5 -11 kids

Motivate and help your students succeed by stimulating their minds with an excursion that will excite and challenge everyone to conquer their goals and fears. 

Join us for:

Leadership class
One day excursion
Climbing Club/Team
Multiple visits with different classes

 To make a reservation for your school group, or for more information, please contact the TCA at:

 Tel: 416-406-5900 or 416-757-4208

 Visit us on the web:



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 Pricing chart


Note: All students under 18 years of age require waiver form signed by their parents.  You can choose to sign the electronic waiver form on our website or we can email you a copy of the school consent form to hand out to students.

(simply email Chris Mack at


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