Lead Course

Lead Climbing and Lead Belaying Course - 6 hours (Two 3-hour sessions)                        $220/climber  (includes a 2-week membership)     $160 for members       

Broaden your climbing experience. Learn the fundamentals of indoor lead-climbing. We'll instruct you in the principles and practical techniques of successful leading on sport-climbing routes.

This is your first step to prepare for the outdoors.  With over 80 different lead climbs, including our Outdoor simulated walls from Pyramid France,  we offer you the best practice area in a safe and supervised environment for every climber and every level.  Give us a call to register.


Happy leading.

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11 Curity Ave, Unit 3
Toronto ,On M4B 1X4

Tel: 416 406 5900
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Mon -  Fri      11am    - 11pm

Sat & Sun     10am    - 10pm

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